Apps that pay you to walk

Apps That Pay You to Walk

All of these apps can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.  

Just FYI, you won’t earn money quickly with these apps that pay you to walk.  I have been using these three apps over a year, but as you can see I have earned money.  I started using these apps with a Fitbit Activity Tracker and now have an Apple Watch or use Apple Health to track my steps.  Sorry some of the screen shots are hard to read.

You can cash out for gift cards, discounts on products, free trials or PayPal payout.

Sweatcoin App


I have earned over $700.00 with Sweatcoins.  You can watch ads for a chance to win 0 to 25 extra Sweatcoins each day with enough steps.  Sometimes I will cash out for a small reward, but I like to let it build up for a bigger reward.  This one is low maintenance and counts steps even when I don’t check it.

Lifecoin App


I have earned over $500.00 with LifeCoin.  You can watch one ad each day for a daily reward.  Again I usually save up for a bigger reward.  I like that it is also low maintenance, it still counts steps even if I forget to check it.  

Achiement App


I have earned over 18,000 points (8,137 at top) with Achievement and just cashed out 10,000 points for $10.00 to my PayPal account.  You can also donate to charity or choose a gift card.  They also have health related surveys to earn points faster.  I earn points for steps and tracking heart rate through Apple Health, even if I forget to check it, making it low maintenance.

I just recently joined Whealthy, Step Younger+, Paid To Go, Miles, Lympo and PK Rewards.  I have been using these apps for a couple of months.  Looks like Wheatley is only available for Apple right now.

Whealthy App


I have already earned over 1,000,000 coins (top right corner) in a couple of months. That may sound like a lot, but you need 2,600,000 coins to get the smallest reward, a $1.60 PayPal transfer.  13,000,000 coins for the next reward, a $9.20 PayPal transfer.  It is low maintenance as far as tracking your steps, but you need to go in and claim your coins.  I think the coins reset to zero at midnight if you don’t claim them.  There are bonus coins for watching ads.  You can also earn more coins by completing tasks. 

Step Younger App

Step Younger+ 

I have earned $11.10 with this app.  The rules say if you earn $30.00 in 30 days you can cash out for an Amazon gift card.  You can check in daily to earn puzzle pieces toward an Amazon gift card.  There are a couple of mini games you can play to earn more puzzle pieces.  Unfortunately the app usually locks up when you try to earn more puzzle pieces.

Paid to go App


I have earned 41 coins which is equal to $1.02 (at bottom).  Once you reach 3,000 coins you can cash out for $50.00 PayPal payout.  It is low maintenance, tracking my steps, but I am not earning much.  I use the free version, but I don’t plan to upgrade.  It has some interesting features, other than just telling you steps and miles, it shows how much gas you saved by walking.

Miles App


I have earned 1,636 mi (under green circle) in this app.  It rewards you for much more than walking. You earn miles by walking, running, biking, driving, and even riding in a car, bus or train.  They have a nice variety of rewards to redeem with your miles.

Lympo App


I have earned 271.63 LYM coins (in red) with Lympo.  You can complete tasks to earn more coins.  You can cash your coins in for discount coupons on electronics and clothes.  You have to go in the app and start a challenge to earn coins, which I usually forget to do.  I want an app that tracks all my steps without telling it that I am going for a walk.

PK Rewards App

PK Rewards 

I have only earned 10 coins (at top).  You have to go into the app and click start earning, making it high maintenance, especially when you work a desk job.

There are other apps out there, but these are the ones I use and like the best.

What walking apps are you using?  Let me know in the comments.

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