Dim Cadillac SRX Headlights

My headlights were very dim at night, I felt like shining a flashlight out the windshield would provide more light. On bright they were fine, but you can’t drive around with your headlights on bright all the time. For the record I never saw any moisture in my headlights to cause these problems.

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Cadillac CUE Problems

My Cadillac CUE problems started about a year and a half after I got my SRX. I didn’t fix it right away, thinking it was like a computer, maybe it just needed to be rebooted. I took it to the dealership, they checked for software updates and wiring connections. Turned out to be an internal failure in the CUE.

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Corvette Battery Drain Issues

I have always loved the Corvette. Even as a child I loved the Corvette, of course my Barbie doll had to have one! My dad said Corvette was probably my first word. Unfortunately some C6 Corvettes have battery drain issues and mine was one of them.

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Cadillac Sunroof Leak

I took my SRX in for service to have the Cue replaced. I later found my liftgate wouldn’t open. I assumed they missed connecting something or programming something. I took it back to the dealer expecting a simple fix. No, they called to tell me the sunroof drain tubes were clogged and had filled the inside back of my SRX with water. The motor and control module for the liftgate were under water!

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