Genius Blogger;'s Toolkit

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Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2020

I work in the medical field and big changes with my company had me wondering how much longer I would have a job. Things are still changing and you never know what can happen.

I was desperate to find extra money, in case I lost my job. I started looking up ways to make money online. Well, one day, I found out that people actually made money blogging. Real, pay-the-bills kind of money. Without hating it (actually, they kind of seemed to love it). And on a flexible schedule too!

After some quick research, I decided to start my own blog.

I don’t want to downplay my efforts because the learning curve was huge. At times, I wanted to give up, but I would have done almost anything to be able to earn extra money, so I kept going.

If you feel the way I used to, I am SO excited to tell you about something that is so comprehensive, you’ll be able to start your own blog today – and learn much faster than I did, without making all my mistakes.

In particular, it includes a ton of resources for the first steps you should take with your blog, getting started with affiliate marketing, and what tools you don’t need. 

It’s called the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit.

With 86 eBooks, eCourses, printables, videos, workbooks, and more, you’ll be able to find all the training and resources you need to grow your blog.

This is your chance to get this curated collection of resources to help you:

  • Consistently create meaningful content that keeps readers coming back for more.
  • Attract new readers using proven strategies like SEO, social media, and guest posting.
  • Get paid for your hard work by creating products OR selling other people’s stuff.
  • Understand the legal and accounting side of blogging to give you protection and peace.
  • Take advantage of the newest best practices and strategies so you can grow faster
  • Rock your blog even on a busy schedule, so you’ll be ready for your big breakthrough.

Plus, it’s like your own personal library on all topics like content creation, design & branding, email marketing, monetization, Pinterest, and so much more, that you can reach for again and again.

Truthfully, it’s the resource I wish I’d had months ago when I started my blog. It would have made a world of difference. (And at a 98% discount, it’s super affordable for anyone!)

P.S. This bundle sale is over on Monday, September 28th at midnight. It’s just a super short sale (hence the discounted price) so don’t miss it!

Already feeling stretched for time? Read on…

The amazing thing about the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit I’ve been telling you about is the number of resources and the knockout value.

But this can also be overwhelming if you’re struggling just to find the time to spend on your business. That’s why the Ultimate Bundles team (the curators of the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit) created the cheat sheets.

Each resource in the bundle comes with a 1-5 page CliffNotes-style summary to go along with it, so you can cruise through the information much faster. That way you can quickly discover which particular resources you want to dive deeper into.

For 50 bucks extra, you can add the full package of cheat sheets to your bundle, making it much more likely that you’ll use this awesome collection of tools to help you grow your blog.

Complete Toolkit List

P.S. If you’ve been trying to decide whether to get it or not, you might want to know they’ve got a 30-day happiness guarantee! Try it out and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just ask for a refund within 30 days.

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