Lose weight without counting calories or points
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Lose Weight without Counting Calories or Points

Do you want to lose weight without counting calories or points?  And with no exercise required!  I didn’t think it was possible, but it is keep reading.

I had gained 20 pounds over a period of 20 months.  I was told by my doctor that I was premenopausal.  So I assumed I was getting that “middle age spread”.  

In my article “Post Pregnancy Weight Loss”, I talked about having a hard time staying within my Weight Watchers points and I fail miserably at counting calories.  You don’t have to count points or calories while doing the Metabolic Factor diet!!!

The Metabolic Factor blueprint (guide) was informative and I believed I could do it!  It was only 22 days, I could diet for 22 days.  The move more, exercise less philosophy sounded good to my couch potato body.

There is a basic and advanced plan, of course you can lose more on the advanced, but I chose the basic plan.  The advanced plan is more strict on everything.

My Review of Metabolic Factor

Metabolic Factor is a 22 day diet that boosts the production of powerful fat burning hormones.

The blueprint (guide) suggests you have a protein shake for breakfast with approved fruit and other ingredients, then an approved list of foods for lunch and dinner.  They also include breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for all 22 days.  There is no snacking on this diet, only three meals each day!

I have an older Ninja Blender that worked great for making shakes.  Frozen fruit was no match for the Ninja Total Crushing Blades.  I don’t think a regular blender could have done it.

I didn’t realize until I read the blueprint (guide), this was a low carb, no dairy diet.  I am very picky when it comes to low carb vegetables.  I love all the high carb vegetables the most and bread and pasta…. That is the reason I avoid most keto and paleo diets.  

Again I thought 22 days, I can eat low carb for 22 days and there are carb feast dinners sprinkled throughout those 22 days.  Those carb feast dinners kept me going!  So I guess you would call this a carb cycling diet.

The first week was the hardest, with headaches and feeling hungry.  I was used to eating three meals, plus two or three snacks every day.  So going from eating unhealthy foods all day to three healthy meals was a big shock to my system.  I lost 6 pounds that first week!  The second and third weeks were much easier for me.

So for 22 days I had a protein shake every morning and a salad with lettuce, carrots, chicken, avocado and homemade dressing (recipe in blueprint) for lunch.  Dinner was usually chicken, salmon or shrimp with a couple of low carb vegetables.

One word for you, cashews.  Unsalted cashews are on the approved list.  After dinner when I wanted a dessert, I would eat ⅛ cup of cashews.  That cured my dessert cravings.  I did have a hard time finding unsalted cashews.  I could only find them at Sam’s Club, Lidl and Target.

Not be gross or give too much information away, but all the protein shakes with fruit and salads tore my stomach up.  I went to the bathroom a lot at first.

Metabolic Factor is more than a diet.  It concentrates on nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management and detoxification.  I did good with the nutrition part, following the diet with no cheating.  I did okay with movement, I did some walking, but not as much as they suggested.  I had a hard time making myself get more sleep, life is busy and I go to bed later than I should.  I didn’t really do the stress management part.  I did the detoxification really good the first week, less the second week and not at all the third week.

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Weight Loss Results

At the end of the 22 days, I had lost 8 pounds, 3 inches off my waist and an inch off my hips and thighs.  I was so happy with the results I kept going for 30 days.  At the end of 30 days, I had lost 10 pounds.  Now after 2 months of Metabolic Factor I have lost 14 pounds.

I will admit after 30 days of protein shakes and salads, I needed a change!  I have swapped out my protein shakes for keto meal bars.  I still ate a salad for lunch until around day 45.  Then I bought low carb tortillas for lunch and I don’t seem to be gaining any weight back.  This is a nice break from all the salads!  I am still losing weight, just at a slower rate now.

I have discovered some great SlimFast Keto Fat Bombs and Atkins snacks that let me indulge my sweet tooth without feeling guilty.  I have to say this is one diet, NO – let’s call it a lifestyle change, that I may be able to stick with long term.


I can’t say enough about Metabolic Factor.  I am so glad I discovered this way of eating.  I feel healthier without all the sugar I was eating before and I don’t really miss it.

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Are you on a keto or paleo diet?  Let me know how it is going!

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