side hustle ideas
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Side Hustle Ideas

I am always looking for ways to make extra money.  I already have a full time job and a family.  I don’t have time or desire to work a part time job.  So I keep my eyes open for side hustle ideas I can do at home or in my spare time.

I have had friends try to get me to sell Amway or Candles.  I am not a sales person and I hate door to door selling or doing parties at peoples homes.  I did try to sell a herbal weight loss supplement, but I don’t think I sold a single one.  I find if people are interested in something they will find it and buy it on their own.  Most people don’t like pushy salespeople.

I have tried taking surveys a couple of times, but I lose interest very quickly.  I find I have better things to do with my time, because to make any money you have to do longer surveys.

I have tried mystery shopping.  If someone tells you that you can become rich being a mystery shopper, DON’T believe them!  I barely broke even on purchases I made.  I did a lot of Sonic Drive-In jobs.  My wallet didn’t get fat, but my backside sure did!

I tried selling jewelry on Etsy, but only sold one bracelet.  It wasn’t handmade jewelry, more like put together jewelry.  I bought bracelets and necklaces then put charms or pendants on them.  I even had earrings to match, but I guess no one was interested in my jewelry.

I thought I would try photography.  I love to take pictures and you see lots for sale on the Internet.  I soon found out those photographers are a lot better than me. I couldn’t compete with their creativity and skills.

Not really a side hustle, but I tried my luck playing the lottery every week for a year.  Needless to say I spent a lot more than I won.  I think the most I won at one time was $20.00.  I wasn’t expecting to win millions or thousands, but a few hundred would have been awesome!

I have tried some game apps that say you can win real money.  I have found you have to put money into the game to make money.  I win a few, lose a few and before I know it the money’s all gone.  You only win a few cents, at a time, from the ones where you don’t have to put money into them.  They have a payout when you reach a certain amount, but the game makes sure you never reach that amount.  

Now I am blogging.  I haven’t made any money yet, but I am enjoying the experience.  I hope some of my articles will help others.  I know blogging is not a get rich quick thing.  I don’t have my own product to sell, so I am trying my hand at affiliate marketing. 

Let me know in the comments, what side hustles are making you money? 

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