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Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

2020 has been hard on us all so far.

And it’s made me realize a few things…

In times of stress, having a home that’s calm and well-run makes me feel better, even when I’m anxious about what’s outside or if I’m stressed about feeling out of control.

If you’ve ever felt like your home was out of control, I am SO excited to tell you about something that has so many tips and ideas to create a warm, welcoming home (plus help you balance everything you’ve got going on).

In particular, it includes a ton of resources for:

  • decluttering and getting your home in order
  • keeping on top of cleaning more easily
  • frugal ideas for bringing more beauty to your home
  • and all sorts of simple strategies for being guest-ready and taking the anxiety out of hospitality.

Right now, you may have extra time on your hands. And you may think you have no excuse for not getting your home all organized and running smoothly. But in case things aren’t working out that way, I want to give you some encouragement.

When we’re overwhelmed, it can be hard to know where to start — even if we have extra time. We need someone to point us in the right direction and help us get started. If only a big “Start Here” sign would show up, right?

While I can’t make an actual Start Here sign magically appear, I think I have the next best thing. 

For the past 8 years, right around this time, the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle has gone on sale. And after all these years, the price is still the same. That’s kind of amazing when you think about it!

If you’re like most women, your plate is full – especially right now. Caring for your home and your family can be overwhelming in the best of times.

But even finding small tweaks you can make to your routines or parenting strategies you can put into action now can make a HUGE difference in your day-to-day life.


What if you knew what was for dinner by 11am most days?

What if your kids pitched in to help with household chores?

What if you had no-brainer systems that kept your home tidy, your bathrooms clean, and your laundry caught up?

Wouldn’t that make you feel better about life in general, even though there’s so much you can’t control right now?

That’s why I absolutely love the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle – because over 50 women have contributed their tried-and-true resources to help you have a home that’s calm, organized, and well-run.

If you’ve never heard of it, the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle has been around since 2013, and since then, over 139,000 women have purchased a copy to learn practical strategies for decreasing stress and making a home (and life!) they love.

When you buy the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, you’ll get access to:

  • 14 eCourses & videos
  • 9 eBooks
  • 9 workbooks
  • 8 planners
  • 8 printable packs
  • 3 membership sites & summits

The creators behind these resources are 50+ women who have struggled with the same things you do, but have learned (and will teach you) how to simplify homes, declutter & organize, put healthy meals on the table, and nurture strong family relationships.

Best of all, you can get the entire package, all for just $29.97. Like I said, this price hasn’t gone up since it was first released 8 years ago – which is kind of a miracle considering the prices of most things these days!

Plus, it’s like your own personal library on all the topics that impact your home, family, kitchen, organizing, parenting and so much more — that you can reach for again and again.

Truthfully, it’s the resource I wish I would have had years ago. (And at a 97% discount, it’s super affordable for anyone!

Homemaking Bonuses

Did you know it comes with bonuses? Lots of them? Hooray!  

Not only do the bonuses make it even easier to take care of your home, your family, and yourself… but also? They’re just really fun to redeem and receive. And who doesn’t need a little boost right now?

In addition to the 51 amazing resources in this bundle, you’ll also get 9 bonuses worth $343.96 which include:

Printable cards, printable calendar, art prints, and a $15 shop credit from Hope Ink.  Emily Hope, the artist behind Hope Ink, loves creating inspirational hand-lettered art to brighten up homes and living spaces. (Value $158)

Chapstick, salve, and soap bar from Puro CoPuro Co is a small-batch body care company that uses high quality, safe ingredients to create their skincare products. (Value $20)

$15 credit to Cultivate What Matters.  Cultivate What Matters was created to help you live more intentionally.  Use your $15 credit for their Write the Word Bible Journals.

PowerSheets – the ultimate intentional goal planner, goal guides, or any of their other goal-oriented products. (Value $15)

4 pack of microfiber makeup remover cloths from By Jillee.  Jillee Shop takes pride in the exceptional quality of the useful tools, accessories, and other items you’ll find throughout the shop. (Value $19.99)

10 Free Audios from Around the World Stories.  Around the World Stories creates fun, memorable audio stories that teach children about the world’s countries and cultures while capturing their imaginations and sparking their inner explorer.  Each 30-minute story also comes with a parent guide full of activity ideas, recipes, printables and discussion topics. (Value $38)

You may be tightening up your budget right now (which is so understandable!), but the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle has so much to offer you.

If I’m being honest, I haven’t always thrived in my life as a homemaker.

I’ve struggled to keep my home tidy and organized. I’ve battled bulging closets and random clutter strewn about and overstuffed junk drawers and toys that threatened to overtake us. Sometimes, I’ve even resented the demands on me.

Can you relate to this at all?

For me, the biggest win I’ve experienced is to change my mindset.

That’s why I’m really excited to tell you about Imperfectly Perfect Life, an eCourse created by Jennifer Roskamp.

It gives you the tools you need to deal with the four most common hurdles to joyful homemaking. Inside, you’ll learn how to:

  • create better daily routines
  • juggle multiple roles (what mom hasn’t felt pulled in a zillion directions?)
  • create a home that brings a feeling of peace
  • carve a little time out for you WITHOUT the guilt

Normally, the Imperfectly Perfect Life eCourse costs $99, but for just a few more days, you can get it for only $29.97 inside the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

(That’s $69 off!)

But that’s not all…

I’m also really excited about the How to Plan Your Life: A Practical Approach to Actually Achieving Your Goals (which normally costs $12). This workshop by Abby Lawson is designed to help you define your priorities, set specific goals, and then break those big goals down into easy-to-accomplish baby steps.

Together, these resources normally sell for $111, but you can get them both for $29.97.

These are just two of the resources inside the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, a collection of 51 eCourses, eBooks, printables, videos, workbooks.

Now, I get that it’s a HUGE number of resources, but here’s the thing… even if just a handful of products apply to your life right now, it’s well worth the investment.

And the best part is this collection is yours to keep. It isn’t going anywhere. Simply download the eBooks and register for the eCourses within six months of purchase.

There’s a lot going on right now, and you might be feeling some brain fog. If that’s you, read on…

As I’ve mentioned, the amazing thing about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is the number of resources and the knockout value.

But this can also be overwhelming if you’re struggling just to keep up right now. That’s why the Ultimate Bundles team, who put it together, also created cheat sheets.

Each resource in the bundle has a 1-5 page CliffNotes-style summary to go along with it, so you can cruise through the information so much faster. This way, you can start applying the principles to your life sooner, or you can quickly discover which particular resources you want to dive deeper into.

For a mere 10 bucks extra, you can add the full package of cheat sheets to your bundle, making it much easier to use this awesome collection of tools to help you take better care of your home and your family.

Everything in the bundle can be yours for just $29.97, but only if you buy it before it goes off sale on Friday June 26th at midnight!  It’s just a super short sale (hence the discounted price) so don’t miss it.

Mom with children

P.S. If you’ve been trying to decide whether to get it or not, you might want to know that my friends at Ultimate Bundles offer a 30-day happiness guarantee! Try it out and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just email for a refund within 30 days.

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