Where does your food come from
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Where Does Your Food Come From?

I have noticed nowadays most of our canned, boxed and frozen foods from big companies say “Distributed by”.  It seems like this is a way to hide that our food is not made in America. Why not say where it was made?

When given the choice, I will certainly buy food made in America over “distributed by”.  Look at labels for yourself next time you go grocery shopping. You will see it is very hard to find items that say “made in the USA” or “product of USA”.

Chocolate from Belgium is good, but I won’t buy pickles from Vietnam!  I love to shop at Big Lots and Dollar General, they have some really good prices.  That being said you have to check labels, a lot of their food is not made in America.  

A lot of baked goods at the big grocery stores comes from Canada.  That’s not terrible, but why can’t we bake it locally instead of being trucked in from Canada! 

I know there are some fruits and vegetables that we don’t or can’t grow here in America, but they usually tell you where they are grown.

Vitamins, supplements and over-the-counter (OTC) medications are often made in other countries.

Watch your children’s candy!  A lot of the special holiday candies and gummies are made in China or other countries!

Don’t forget your pet’s food either.  A few years ago rawhides from China were causing sickness and death in dogs!  Lots of dog food says “distributed by” or “made in Thailand”.

Big food companies need to stop hiding behind “distributed by”!  Tell us where your products are made. If your products are made in the USA be proud, put it on there in big letters.  I will definitely choose “made in USA” over foreign when possible and I don’t mind paying a little more for it.

Now with the large outbreak of Corona-virus (COVID-19) I definitely won’t buy any food that says made or produced in China!  Check your labels when you stock up that two week supply of food they are recommending. Be sure to get baby food and supplies.  Also don’t forget your pet food and any supplies they may need if you get sick.

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I will have more detailed food articles in the future.  Let me know your thoughts. Do you check labels or just toss it in your cart?

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